Friday, February 13, 2009


NOVA Funeral Homes, giving you the best service for the last journey of your love ones for over five (5) decades is now in its new image. Nova Funeral is a duly accredited morgue of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation. Aside from being an accredited with the Eternal Plas Inc., and the St. PeterLife Plan. If you are in the Almar-Zabarte area, you can use your life plans to avail of NOVA's services. The cost of transportation alone of having your love ones stay at the respective places of these life plans is expensive. Imagine going back and forth in Quezon Avenue or Makati area, not to mention the traffic and time you have to spend. Why not let your love ones stay right beside your respective homes if you are living within the area, NOVA will take care of your life plans.

Imagine these life plans having free advertsement in strategically located area with more than tens of thousands viewers a day, with signages and electricity cost for its lights being shouldered by NOVA. St. Peter and Eternal Plans were lucky having accredited NOVA, not to mention the superb service it offers to its clients and the plans holders of these life plans.

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